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Still Learning

Thanks to everybody who attended our MFA readings yesterday. It was a strange experience to watch a video of myself, reading part of a story, while watching the comments about it pop up in the chat in real time. More like surreal time. It's also weird to be finished with the program. That connection will change now, to say the least. Some of us will support each other, and others will move on. I'm happiest when I'm collaborating, so I will seek out folks who thrive in that same light.

As soon as the event ended, I ran up to the studio to make music with Mark and Dave, my collaborators on a variety of projects (Painted Chain, Brother Ender, and the blessed Nick Dixons). We had a great time – Dave was in strong voice and we knocked out three tracks. This is as DIY as it gets. Learning, doing, making mistakes. At this point, not stopping may be the point.

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