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The Staple Singers Have Some Questions

I'm not a religious person, but the Staple Singers are the greatest gospel and soul group I've ever heard. In part it's the songwriting and guitar work of Roebuck "Pops" Staple. Not enough is said about his craft. One of his best moves, whether he's writing or covering, is to ask a question. A few sample titles (not all originals by Pops, but mostly): "What You Gonna Do?" "Are You Sure?" "I Wonder Why." "When Will We Be Paid?" Always asking, calling out, using rhetoric to frame up a social problem and its very real impact on the personal. It's genius-level writing and playing. At the very top is this track – timeless, rocking, serious as hell:

You know I'm all alone

As I sing this song

Hear my call

I've done nobody wrong

But I'm treated so bad

Get some Staple Singers in your life.

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