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Useful is a collection 
about mistakes.



Add up your missteps, your misjudgments. Take your missed opportunities and misfortunes. What is their value? Put it in your pocket. I want these stories to have utility in your life. May they shine a light on that crucial need we all have to be “of use”  to ourselves, to each other, and, finally, to some greater good.

Useful is 10 short stories, framed by the idea that what we do for a living may be more impactful than it appears. These are not pieces about work, specifically – rather, they cover the same ground that our jobs, our ways of "earning our keep," may live inside of us. Is my work "who I am"? What else can I be? Is it wrong to ask?

Some people in Useful don't have a job. Others are consumed by their occupations. Ultimately, self-worth is currency. But ... why is that?


Chris Hart is a Baltimore-based writer/editor. This is his first book.     

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