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Updated: May 1, 2021

I try to write a song every day. Usually just for exercise – keep those mental muscles moving! Often it comes to nothing. But I like this one; I can hear the music for it. Rushing keyboards and old-school programmed drums. In the style of Prefab Sprout.


Here’s a list and it’s coming in late, Here’s what you do that might be a mistake. If I set you up, I see that it’s wrong, Took him calling for me to move on. Friend was a friend but one day I said, I know this girl and she’s pretty well read. He heard the pretty part, he dialed your line, Took you dancing one step at a time. (chorus) So here’s what you do, and I hope that it’s soon, Tell him you’re promised to the man in the moon. Tell him it’s crazy, but those flowers won’t bloom,

And I’m out here freezing in the inopportune.

And how do I look when I look in the mirror?

Like a far-off ghost trying to get nearer.

What do I say about what I’ve become?

You’re not going to lie your way out of this one, son.

It’s inopportune,

I’m inopportune.

Here’s a list and it’s written in pen,

Here’s what I do to get her back again.

Here’s the mirror,

Here’s what’s here.

Here’s the mirror,

What’s in here?

(repeat chorus)

Copyright 2021 Chris Hart

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